Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If it were not true, this would be really funny...

Under ordinary circumstances, the article listed at this post would actually be rather funny. But when the Air Canada subsidiary, Jazz decided to remove life vests from their planes:


the first thought that went through my mind was: this would have to be an idea from the minds of Bob and Doug McKenzie. That's right, eh. Bob and Doug of 'Great White North' fame [from SCTV, for those of you who remember this companion to Saturday Night Live]. And one can imagine them as the pilots talking over the intercom [with apologies here to SCTV and Geddy Lee of Rush whose song 'Take Off' can be heard on the PA]:

Bob: Hi this is your captain, Bob McKenzie and this is the co-pilot, my brother Doug.

Doug: How's it going, eh?

Bob: So like this is our flight from like Calgary to Moose Jaw and then to Vancouver, eh? We'll be flying through the Great White North on the blue sky serving back bacon and really good beer. But like you know we have to tell you some like safety stuff, eh?

Doug: Yeah, eh so here it is. Like we no longer have life vests on the plane, eh. So like you will like if we have a water landing, grab like your seat cushions, take as much beer and bacon as you can eh and then you should be able to float til we get someone from the RCMP[Royal Canadian Mounted Police] out to like rescue you, eh?

Bob: So like enjoy your flight, eh here in the Great White North...so let's Take Off, eh!

Doug: You Take off you hoser!!

Bob: You're the hoser, you hoser!!!

[Theme Fade Out]

Yes, the above is a tad mean spirited, however the fact that the mild-mannered Canadians would actually put lives at risk like this is just insane. And even Bob and Doug would never do something like this, would they, eh?

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