Saturday, August 16, 2008

Well it has been quiet...perhaps someone is reading

Yep, the summer is winding down. It looks as though we may...and I stress the word MAY skirt through the rest of the season without there being a major online reservation glitch. Then again too, the unoffical end of the real summer travel season is Labor Day...or when the first Monday Night Football game [which will as last year was, be a doubleheader courtesy of our friends at ESPN] occurs, whichever comes first.

With all the above said, if any of you are having problems with all of those wonderful travel sites that have been previously mentioned in this space, by all means let's get that info out so it can spare others the pain and the embarassment of getting to the hotel only to find 'no room at the inn'. Just because the summer is coming to a close, does not mean that the gremlins are on vacation.

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