Monday, September 8, 2008

It is quiet, although Captain Kirk rides again

Maybe it is just me, but it seems that the folks who are behind Priceline have been taking lessons from the Crazy Eddie school of advertising [see a previous post featuring that madman and mastermind of the low price electronic store schemes and ads]. These are on practically every second of the day, with the good Captain saying that one can get hotel rooms at close to or at half off regular price.

It just so happens that when this is mentioned, there goes that pesky fine print across the screen. Usually associated with car ads or those from attorneys who say they can win any case for $199.95, it is so small that one would need an electron microscope to see that this may be saying 'subject to availablility, certain nblackout dates may not be available', etc. Some of this would be or rather should be common sense, but we are in an era when even that is a precious commodity.

It would be a little refreshing if businesses would just back what they are saying or doing with just their word as their bond. Yes I am well aware that we are a very litigious society and the need for the fine print to keep folks out of trouble and to protect us from ourselves, but gee whiz what would be the harm in just saying that they will back up the prices and leave it at that. I could be wrong here and old fashioned....but why not?

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