Saturday, July 19, 2008

American follows suit..sort of [Stay Tuned]

Maybe it is the full moon or that the Tampa Bay Rays have actually put together a winning team...but apparently American Airlines [yes the same ones mentioned in a previous post], if the NBC report this evening is accurate is about to fire over 1,000 mechanics at their hub in Dallas-Ft Worth and other cities. Yes folks....mechanics.

This may not seem scary to some folks, however consider the following: if safety is the main concern of any airline or company involved in public transport, why in hell would a company in order to cut costs fire the same persons who actually insure that the planes are not just in working order but AIRWORTHY according to FAA rules? Put another way, is American about to become the US version of the old Soviet Aeroflot?

Stay tuned everybody because this is about to get even more interesting. When planes start to fall out of the sky or have parts falling off at the drop of a hat, remember..... you saw it here first....and hopefully the last warning needed.

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