Sunday, July 6, 2008

Intro and why is this up?


If you do any travelling, be it for business or pleasure, then chances are better than even money you have used an online reservation service to find the best rates, the nearest tourist attraction, eateries, things to keep the children occupied, etc. And while on the whole doing this saves time and money, there are those occassions when things go wrong.

For example, no shuttle bus at the hotel to the local airport, the pool is not as pictured, the location is not near the best tourist attractions, but is next to the local county jail....those sorts of things. You may have also complained to the customer service section of the site in question, only to find out that the person on the other end either is too far away [as in he sounds like he or she is speaking from a remote phone line on Mars], that they will not do the right thing and either refund your credit card or upgrade you to a better room or facility for the price you just paid or lastly when you speak with a supervisor that there is a good reason why his name is Mr. Mumbles. If this has happened to you and you are mad as hell and do not want to take the BS anymore, then this is your place to vent.

Has the Gnome from Travelocity left you high and dry? Say why here!!!!If Expedia is not excellent, give every reason as to why not in this space!!! If Orbitz has left you out in space, rip them a new one!!And if Captain Kirk, I mean William Shatner and Priceline did not negotiate a price that was in your budget and left you feeling as though you and your wallet were given the Vulcan Death Grip, tell him here where he can take and shove his Enterprise!!!

Oh yeah...if you actually have a RAVE about your online experiences booking travel, hotel, rental cars, air, train, those here as well. This is an equal opportunity spot, so 'shine on you crazy diamond' and rave away. [And if you want to use any of the 7 Dirty Words, do not editing will be done from this end. Remember until it is illegal, we all have the right to freedom of expression]

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deskclerk said...

Did you know?? Unless, you are booking a reservation, at a FOUR star or higher hotel, you will usually find a better rate on the CHAIN website (e.g. booking a night at the Econolodge with Travelocity will be higher than with after service charges are applied). Also, you are charged at the time of reservation with the GNOME and not till check-in/out with the hotel.
Special requests with "Kirk" fall on deaf ears, but, with the hotel website they are part of the reservation. You book a room for 4 persons with the GNOME he will confirm the reservation for 4 but read the fine print you booked a room for 2 and owe the hotel whatever they want to charge for the extra guests.
A hotel has 2 rooms available to rent and you want 4. With the WHOLESALERS they will book the multiple room reservation for you, the problem, you've paid for 4 rooms the hotel has 2 rooms to accomodate you. The hotel calls the DOT COM company to explain the problem, they don't care they have your money and don't care if you have a place to stay or not.
THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE NIGHTMARES YOU WILL ENCOUNTER TRAVELLING WITH "THE GNOME", "KIRK", "DOT COM", etcetera. Next time take a little extra time and look at the CHAIN's website and be sure you are really saving $$$$ before you book with the THIRD party sellers.